Wet Paint LLC

Looks Better. Lasts Longer.

Make Your Home Feel New Again

We have the experience and expertise to recommend and apply designer quality finishes that will awaken, enrich, and beautify your home.

With extensive knowledge and time tested techniques, Wet Paint LLC models your vision into reality.

Make The First Right Impression

Maintaining your status as a premier facility means demonstrating your high standards towards regular customers. Fresh paint is one of the most economical and visible ways to say you are number one.

Wet Paint LLC can engineer a repainting project with minimal impact to your daily operations.

Say Goodbye To Gloomy

Give your home fresh energy with an elegant brush-free finish.

Painting your existing interior wood surfaces can work wonders to provide a space with an entirely different look and feel.

Why replace well-built and structurally safe cabinets, when all you need is a modern finish?

Since 2003

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver painting services that are unmatched by our competitors, and to effectively deliver them with the efficiency, integrity, and attention to detail necessary to meet your client’s expectations.

We get to know our customers and give them what they want.

Wet Paint is dedicated to meeting your needs with the quality that can only come from years of experience. Regardless of the project size and scope, our philosophy remains the same: “Get to know our customers and give them exactly what they want.”